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MotherPeace Drum

We drum because we celebrate life.

We drum to honour Mother Earth.

We drum to find our inner truths.

We drum to hear our heart songs.

We drum to remember the peace of the Wisdom keepers, the peace that lies too deep for words and can only be found in music.

We drum because we live well.

We live well because we drum.

Join us.....

To contact us:


Rev. L. Newman


Nancy Miller



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Phynix Rising, Inc. “Currently rising from the ashes.

MotherPeace Drumming

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About Clan MotherPeace

Rev. L. Newman, 3rd Generation Astrologer and Mystic Student, Co-Founder & Director of

MotherPeace Drum.

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Is held at:

Royal Oak Women’s Club

404 S. Pleasant

Royal Oak, MI

We drum every 2nd Friday of each month.


7PM Pot Luck……7:45 Open Drum

Dates:  4/11/14; 5/9/14.

No Drumming for June, July, August

9/12/14; 10/10/14; 11/14/14; 12/12/14









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We are pleased to announce….

Session time is available 7 days a week via Astrology and Tarot based

phone Sessions, Development Workshops and of course,

Native American Studies with MotherPeace Drum (

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Native Spirits Tribal Community

"Behold, my friends, the spring is come;  the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun,  And we shall soon see the results of their love!" 

- Sitting Bull

MOTHERPEACE DRUM  7:00 P.M. potluck; 7:45 p.m. Open Drum.


Royal Oaks Women’s Club, 404 S. Pleasant, Royal Oak, MI.

Suggested donation: $10.00 For more info:

New information about how to listen to Linda Newman up and coming. You can still hear her on Para-X



Rev L Newman                     248-588-5386

We are pleased to announce…..

Session time is available with Rev Newman 7 days a week via Tarot & Astrology based phone sessions. $125 for the first session includes up to 10 Natal Charts, $110 for established clients. Development Workshops, Drumming Classes and Native American studies are also available. Our Data Center offers a full range of Personalized Astrology Reports, including:


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